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Billboard Magazine provides the only audit trail available of Miriam LaVelle's activities. Many of the entries are little more than reiterations of the same information. However, it's all that's available and thus has to be savoured as such. The Columnists spout some interesting vernacular of the day; Ork - orchestra, Terpster - someone who specialises in cabaret dance routines, probably with a Latin flavour, orbs - eyes.


18th April 1942

Variety Show

The Strand, New York City


Miriam LaVelle, a good acro dancer, twinkled thru a brief and lively turn, getting a fine hand. Is far more graceful than most acro dancers, and makes a chic appearance.


23rd May 1942

Variety Show

The State, New York City


Appearing in Davis's portion of the show is Miriam LaVelle, young, beautiful dancer who played The Strand a few weeks ago and who has been ballyhooed as the girl who was discovered on an animated electric sign on Broadway. Gal is a smooth, graceful dancer, doing neat ballet and soft acro work in addition to her tapping. Big hand.


20th June 1942

Variety Show

The Palace, Akron


Featured entertainers in the review are Al Bernie and Miriam LaVelle. Miriam LaVelle's dancing is acrobatic, but smooth and so neatly routined that there is none of the strain usually associated with such an act.


22nd August 1942

'Dear Diary'

Radio City Music Hall

New York


Miriam LaVelle, in punchy acrobatic dancing, and Bob Evans, in a refreshing thoroly [thoroughly] likable ventriloquist turn, are spotted in this scene.


29th August 1942


Radio City Music Hall

New York


Bambi, with Bob Evans, Miriam LaVelle and Nicholas Daks on stage, is headed for $85,000 for second week.


28th December 1942

'My dear public'

The Colonial, Boston


Only show-stopping act is that of Miriam LaVelle, a very neat acro dancer who has a very fine routine that makes the audience sit up and take notice.


2nd October 1943

Venue listing under 'L'


LaVelle, Miriam (Trocadero) Hollywood, nc. [not confirmed?]


9th October 1943

Venue listing under 'L'


LaVelle, Miriam (Trocadero) Hollywood, nc. [not confirmed?]


27th May 1944

George White's Scandals

The Oriental



However, three acts, Masters and Collins; Ming, Ling and Hosse, and Miriam Lavelle, help to give the show its badly needed entertainment.

  Miriam Lavelle, dancer, did two numbers. First, a well executed frucca. Appeared later in a sharp acro routine, featuring a series of back bends, overhand twists and one leg half somersaulting. Gal is a good dancer. Has fine control and sells well. Gets a good hand.


25th August 1945

In Short - St. Louis

A brief round-up of acts

across America


Miriam La Velle, ex-George White's Scandals, closed two weeks at the Crystal Terrace.


1st December 1945

The Carnival

New York City

(Nicky Blair's Carnival

Room in the Capitol Hotel

on Eighth Avenue)


Miriam LaVelle, fresh out of the Copa, is seen to better advantage here in her acro dance act consisting of a lot of side-leaps, bends, crabs and twists. Of its kind, this is a good turn, altho its effect is diminished because Miss LaVelle is allowed to do virtually the same thing twice in the show.


9th March 1946

The Carnival Room

New York City


Show opens with Walter John, in clown costume chanting a welcome song. Shows strong pipes. Line (10) and show girls (14), all in gold, yellow and black, follow bringing on Miriam La Velle for a good looking acro dance.

Miriam La Velle returned in black net tights looking sexy as a Varga model.


11th May 1946

In Short - East

Brief Up-dates


Miriam La Velle into the Capitol [theatre] around June 6.


15th June 1946

Capitol Theatre

New York City


Miriam LaVelle, doubling from The Carnival, [she would have appeared at The Carnival and the Capitol Theatre on the same night, the two venues close together] didn't have much room to do her acro dance, but despite the handicaps she was as good as ever.


15th June 1946

Capitol Theatre

New York City


This issue carried a large, half page advertisement for Miriam LaVelle at Nicky Blair's Carnival Room at the Capital Hotel. You can view this under Images.


22nd June 1946

Capitol Theatre

New York City


The Capitol (4,627 seats; average $68,000) ran away with the business last week. With the Ritz Brothers, Miriam Lavelle, Gracie Barrie and Buddy Morrow band backing up Two Sisters From Boston, the house finished it's first frame with an eye-popping $109,000.




19th October 1946

Lavelle fined $500

Suspended 90 Days in

AGVA Muddle

New York City


  NEW YORK, Oct 12. - Miriam Lavelle has been placed on the AGVA unfair list for a period of 90 days and fined $500 for conduct unbecoming a member of AGVA [American Guild of Variety Artists].

  Dancer, who just bowed out at the Carnival to open in the musical, Sweet Bye and Bye, charges thru her rep, that she was called into AGVA by Dave Fox, AGVA regional director (New York), who, it is alleged, accused her of spreading rumors about his honesty. Fox then followed it up, according to Miss Lavelle, by calling her into another office and stating, "We will now have an arbitration. I fine you $500, to be paid in $50 monthly instalments, and suspend you for 90 days." her rep said only she and Fox were present.

  Dave Fox denied the Lavelle version of the penalty. First of all, he said, she was notified thru the mail of the pending arbitration, and has copies of the letters to show. He claims there was a six-man panel of arbitrators sitting on the case, and they made the ruling.



7th December 1946

The Strand

New York City


Well-rounded, well-paced, solidly entertaining Strand bill centers around the Ray McKinley ork, featuring vocalist Teddy Norman and Chris Adams, with acro terping of Miriam Lavelle, laugh-grabbing antics of Lorraine Rognan and Pat McCaffrey, and solid Latin chanting of Miguelito Valdes completing one of the better local band bills.

  Lavelle acro dance turn, tho cramped in the confines of the Strand stage, did well and had to encore to satisfy customers.



15th February 1947

Colonial Inn

Hallendale, Florida


Beatrice Kraft Dancers, Miriam La Velle, Kent Edwards, Betty Heather and Ray Malone all sound performers.


14th June 1947

Chez Paree



Miriam Lavelle, shapely brunet acro dancer, made a fine impresh immediately, coming out in lavish fur piece adorned with contrasting orchid over her scanties that pulled even envious fems' orbs and kept them there. Tho she worked on a floor-level stage that makes it hard to follow dancers here, gal has an act that is full of kicks and spins which can be seen by back rows.  Has spruced her stint up plenty with original kicks, whirls and more rigorous acrobatics that won her call back. 


3rd January 1948

The Strand

New York City


New show (reviewed this issue) has the Ink Spots, Herbie Fields and his ork, Frank Marlowe, Miriam Lavelle, Carol Kay and My Wild Irish Rose


10th January 1948

The Strand

New York City


The Strand (2,700 seats; average $50,000) garnered $48,000 as a starter for the Ink Spots, Herbie Fields and his ork, Frank Marlowe, Miriam Lavelle, Carol Kay and My Wild Irish Rose.


26th June 1948

The Boulevard

Elmhurst - New York


Miriam Lavelle

Miriam Lavelle, as the closer, can still do those fallaways and body spins with effortless ease. her costume, tho, looked like rehearsal togs. The gal can look good. She proved it in some of the best cafes and theatres in the country. Here, she showed skill, but the flash wasn't there.


18th September 1948

In Short - Hollywood

A brief regional round-up


Terpster Miriam Lavelle flew to Australia for 10 weeks on the Tivoli Circuit.....


15th July 1950

Latin Quarter

New York City


Two acts, Miriam Lavelle and Les Zoris, due to be on this bill fell out for unavoidable reasons.